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Baby Nasal Aspirator

Baby Nasal Aspirator

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Introducing the must-have for new parents: the Baby Nasal Aspirator. Specifically designed for gentle baby care, this nose cleaner offers a safe and effective solution for clearing your baby's stuffy nose. Equipped with a soft suction nozzle, it ensures utmost comfort for your newborns. Easily clear baby airway and nasal passages of mucus and congestion to assist in breathing easier and clearer. 

Our Baby Nasal Aspirator is doctor-recommended, guaranteeing peace of mind for concerned parents. What's more, it's designed for easy cleaning with detachable parts, ensuring convenient and sanitary maintenance. Clean properly after each use.

Material: Silicone
Color: Pink, Blue,Yellow
Bottle Height: approx. 85mm
Suction Nozzle Length: approx. 40mm

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