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Pickleball Paddles/ Racket Carbon Fiber Face

Pickleball Paddles/ Racket Carbon Fiber Face

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The Aria is the latest pickleball paddle in the collection. This paddle features a raw T700 carbon fiber face with a honeycomb polypropylene core. The 16mm width provides extra control and offers a large sweet spot. The paddle has an elongated face that provides extra reach. The handle is also longer and made with the highest quality grip with an added ridge to provide extra comfort. Manufactured from the highest quality materials, this paddle is comparable to the other "pro" level paddles on the market at a fraction of the price! Amp up your pickleball game with this top notch pickleball equipment.

  • PROFESSIONAL - created for professional players

  • QUALITY COMPONENTS - polypropylene honeycomb core, 18k carbon fiber face with premium upgraded grip, edge guard, and end cap are all combined to create this powerful paddle

  • ELONGATED - for extra reach

  • SANCTIONED - USA Pickleball approved for tournament play

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